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            The All On 4 Dental Implants

Change your SMILE and change your LIFE with the All-On-Four Dental Implants.

  • Possess ULTIMATE SELF-CONFIDENCE every time you walk in a room

  • Being able to eat  ALL the foods you enjoy

  • Being PAIN FREE and having a HEALTHY SMILE

This is Possible with the ALL-ON-4
Dental Implant Procedure!

All on Four - Dr. Joshua Foxson DDS, PC, Board Cert.

Dr. Joshua Foxson
DDS, OMFS, Board Cert.


About the Doctor…

Dr. Foxson is highly trained and can improve your appearance, confidence, smile, ability to eat, and alleviate your pain and discomfort. The All on 4 procedure and dental implants are changing the lives of our patients on a regular basis. If you are trying to get a new job, smile for wedding pictures, improve your appearance or ability to eat, we can help.

Dr. Foxson performs this procedure every week. He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and Board Certified who has extensive surgical training and years of experience. Dr. Foxson works closely with your dentist or another specialist to customize your smile. The procedure is done in 1 day and you leave with your new smile! Call us today for a consultation and a new beginning!


What should I expect?

This is your big day!  The procedure is done with IV sedation so you will be comfortable throughout your visit.  When you walk out of Naperville Oral Surgery with your new smile, the dental implants will be in place with a set of beautiful natural looking teeth.  You won’t believe the change this will make in your life.  Dr. Foxson will monitor your healing over the next few months until you are ready for your final set of teeth that will allow you to smile with confidence, chew a full range of foods, and be pain free!

During the extensive planning phase, your SMILE is customized for you.  On the day of the procedure the entire team will be focused on your care.  You will be provided with specific instructions, helpful handouts, and a coupon for a free Waterpik® to keep things clean!  We are here to ensure you have a great experience.  The team will continue to work hard throughout the process until your final SMILE is ready for delivery.

Dr. Foxson will be able to not only REJUVENATE and REVITALIZE your SMILE but RESTORE your SELF-CONFIDENCE.  Dr. Foxson is a talented, highly trained, Board Certified Oral Surgeon who truly cares about each patient and takes great pride in all the work he performs.  Working alongside your dentist or another dental specialist, Dr. Foxson will have the ability to customize your SMILE.


Ask Questions!

Dr. Foxson has extensive surgical training and is a specialist in this area. He performs All on 4 every week and has done more than anyone else in the area! He can show you countless pictures of the lives and smiles changed by this procedure.


How do I get started?

Call Naperville Oral Surgery at 630-708-6637 to schedule a consultation.

Lacey Alleruzzo
2 reviews
2 months ago

Dr. Foxson and his staff were extraordinary! I had my wisdom teeth removed and was extremely anxious for the procedure. Dr. Foxson and his assistants spoke to me and even made me laugh so I would feel at ease. I appreciated their professionalism and kindness more than I could put into words!

Leslie Baker-Ramos
3 reviews
2 months ago

I had a tooth removed, bone grafting, and an implant placed-very pain- free experience- Dr. Foxson did a great job! The office was very comfortable and I have never waited more than a few minutes. I highly recommend Naperville Oral Surgery.

Kelsey Zucker
1 review
8 months ago

Great experience (despite the whole oral surgery situation.) The facility is beautiful and up-to-date. The staff are friendly and helpful. I was in quite a bit of pain before the surgery and they were able to get me in for a next-day appointment! Dr. Foxson was professional and he explained my situation and what the procedure entailed. He even followed up with a personal phone call a few hours after the surgery to make sure everything was going well. Highly recommend! Overall, they made the experience of getting my teeth pulled…well…like not pulling teeth.

CALL 630-708-6637