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3D Capabilities for a Better Diagnosis and Treatment

At Naperville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we create personalized treatment plans for every patient. Our office is equipped with advanced technology that enables our team to accurately diagnose problems, create beneficial treatment plans, and provide our patients with the results and care that they deserve.

State-of-the-Art Technology in Naperville

There are numerous advanced tools available in dentistry, and we are honored to be able to implement this technology in our practice. That way, we can take better care of what matters most: you.

X-NAV™ Guided Navigation

The X-NAV X-Guide™ is a revolutionary system that delivers interactive, turn-by-turn guidance during dental implant surgery. The system creates a roadmap for dental implant procedures, indicating the exact position, angle, and depth of the implant, improving the overall precision and accuracy of the procedure. Learn more on the official X-NAV website.

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a newer technology that creates a 3D view of your skeletal structures. This tool is essential for accurately planning implant surgery, treating facial trauma, determining the position of impacted teeth, uncovering cysts and tumors, and more. CBCT scans emit lower radiation than traditional CT scans, and the total scan time is much shorter.

iTero® Intraoral Digital Scanner

The handheld iTero scanner is dynamic and easy-to-use by doctors, while also creating a more comfortable experience for the patient. This intraoral scanner can enhance the precision and accuracy of restorative treatment planning and allows for seamless data communication between our office and any other dental professional aiding in your treatment. In as little as 60 seconds, this device can create enhanced 3D models of your teeth and is ideal for creating digital impressions. Learn more on the official iTero website.

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