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Meet Gerianne

Meet Gerianne Gerianne’s expectations were met and exceeded by Dr. Foxson and his team. Gerianne’s Story “My name is Gerianne, I’m from Naperville, Illinois, and I had a dental implant done with Dr. Foxson. I was very pleased with the environment of the office. As a nurse, I’m always looking for quality of care, an […]

Meet Muffin

Meet Muffin Dr. Foxson explained everything to Muffin beforehand, so she knew what to expect during treatment. Muffin’s Story “Hi, my name is Muffin, and I’m from Aurora, Illinois, and I had an oral extraction and implant done by Dr. Foxson. The office here is very welcoming. The office staff here is very friendly and […]

Meet Jim

Meet Jim Jim had four dental implants placed by Dr. Foxson, and they look wonderful. Jim’s Story “Hi, my name’s Jim. I live in Naperville, Illinois, and I came to see Dr. Foxson for dental implants. I found the approach of everybody to be very warm and welcoming. Dr. Foxson puts you very much at […]

Meet Georgia

Meet Georgia Georgia’s extraction and dental implant procedures went smoothly, and she loves the outcome. Georgia’s Story “Hi, I’m Georgia from Naperville, and I had an extraction and a tooth implant with Dr. Foxson. The office and staff are wonderful. They were welcoming. Dr. Foxson is kind and compassionate and caring. My procedure went great. […]

Meet Jeanine

Meet Jeanine Jeanine’s extraction, bone graft, and dental implant procedure were quick and easy, and recovery was minimal. Jeanine’s Story “Hi, my name is Jeanine, I’m from Darien, Illinois, and I was referred to Dr. Foxson for an extraction, a bone graft, and a dental implant. The office runs like a well-oiled machine. They get […]

Meet Dana

Meet Dana The staff walked Dana through the whole process so she knew what to expect. Dana’s Story “Hi, I’m Dana from New Lenox. I came here for an extraction with Dr. Foxson. This office, when you walk in, I feel is very warm. It’s very inviting. Everybody has been so helpful and so nice. […]

Meet Pam

Meet Pam An extraction, bone graft, and dental implant restored Pam’s smile. Pam’s Story “Hi, my name is Pam. I’m from Naperville, Illinois. I had an extraction, a bone graft, and implant by Dr. Foxson. The office is very comfortable, very professional. The staff is friendly, always willing to go the extra mile to make […]

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