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Meet Dr. Wiers

Meet Dr. Wiers Dr. Wiers feels very fortunate to have Dr. Foxson in this community. Dr. Wiers’s Story “I refer my patients to Dr. Foxson because I know that they’re going to get excellent care, both from himself as well as from his whole team here. The fact that we’re in a study club together […]

Meet Dr. Singh

Meet Dr. Singh Dr. Singh refers many patients—and soon her own children—to Dr. Foxson. Dr. Singh’s Story “I refer my patients to Dr. Foxson because I know he takes great care of my patients, and he’s a very compassionate oral surgeon. Dr. Foxson and I coordinate with our patients’ care, and so we know that […]

Meet Dr. Razi

Meet Dr. Razi Dr. Foxson communicates highly efficiently with Dr. Razi’s office. Dr. Razi’s Story “The reason I refer my patients to Dr. Foxson is because of how well he takes care of our patients. There’s great communication between Dr. Foxson and myself. We have a number of patients that we share between the offices, […]

Meet Dr. Zurek

Meet Dr. Zurek Dr. Zurek and Dr. Foxson work extremely well together when designing patient plans and treatment strategies. Dr. Zurek’s Story “Dr. Foxson is a very qualified surgeon and a very kind and good person. He also has a great way of connecting with patients. Oftentimes, I need to collaborate with a surgical colleague, […]

Meet Dr. Murphy

Meet Dr. Murphy Dr. Murphy refers his patients here because Dr. Foxson provides excellent care and great results. Dr. Murphy’s Story “The reason I refer patients here is I feel like it’s a big responsibility to provide my patients with the best clinical care as well as the best chairside experience. He provides both of […]

Meet Dr. Pasinski

Meet Dr. Pasinski Dr. Pasinski trusts Dr. Foxson with her patients and will continue to refer them here. Dr. Pasinski’s Story “I refer my patients here to Dr. Foxson at Naperville Oral Surgery because I trust him. He is a great oral surgeon. He has great technique, great chairside manner, and treats my patients very […]

Meet Dr. Irving

Meet Dr. Irving Dr. Irving refers patients here with total confidence because of Dr. Foxson’s skills and excellent care. Dr. Irving’s Story “I refer to Dr. Foxson just because of the quality of care I know my patients will receive, and he has assisted my practice substantially over the past several years. The communication with […]

Meet Dr. Gaspard

Meet Dr. Gaspard When Dr. Gaspard refers patients to Dr. Foxson, he knows they will be taken care of. Dr. Gaspard’s Story “The reason I refer to Dr. Foxson is he’s extremely, extremely easy and approachable to get his input on a case. That type of collaboration is huge for our patients. Dr. Foxson is […]

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