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Dr. Foxson walked Danny through every step of his wisdom teeth extraction procedure.

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Danny's Story

“Hi, my name is Danny, and I’m from Rockford, Illinois, and I came to see Dr. Foxson to get my wisdom teeth taken out. The office was amazing. When you walked in, everyone was friendly, inviting. They went over everything thoroughly with you. Dr. Foxson is [an] amazing oral surgeon. He’s very thorough. He’s very understanding. He dealt with my fears head-on. The procedure went really well. The staff and Dr. Foxson walked me through it all to make me more comfortable. Dr. Foxson reassured that everything was going to be OK, and when I came back from being under, I felt amazing. My experience here at Naperville Oral Surgery was outstanding. Dr. Foxson actually called me on a holiday weekend just to see how I was doing. Out of five stars, I give Dr. Foxson five stars.”

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